How to Use Twitch Extensions

It's the second day that twitch has this new feature out, it's called extensions, where you can get basically interactive panels and overlays onto your twitch stream without using OBS, and I realized that a lot of people even big streamers do not know about this or are not implementing them right now, maybe because they don't know how to properly use them, so I'm going to show you where to find them, what some of them can do, and maybe in the future you'll be able to create your own, it would be really cool.

We're going to go to my page, the first thing you will notice, once my thing loads, its going to load, probably not going to load, don't know why it's not loading, but there's, this one item right here, a lot of people have PC specs in their panels already, what this allows you to do is connect with Amazon, so if you find your item on Amazon, you can link it and you can click buy now, and right here it says purchase revenue will be shared with the broadcaster, and this is a panel that I did not design or anything like that, this is an extension that they have available.

Another one is this stream labs right here, he has a stream labs image on mine, I have a taco, you can change the image that if you'd like, but what you can do is you can earn points, a lot of people used to earn Reb or tacos on my stream, I don't know every minute, you can earn a point wallet whatever, so what twitch does do was integrate stream labs and a couple other item websites, where you can import your points, but they basically use stream labs right here to give you points every minute.

You can pick scratch cards, you can pick a card to get more points, you can multiply your points, and you can also redeem points for things, like truth or day or ask questions, and there's an actual a bunch of other ones, and this all shows up in your stream labels, recent events main thingy right here, what they did is instead of just recent events, they added Redemption, so anytime someone wants to redeem something, it will show up in your notification time stream.

It was along with music player, they have added music player, which is linked to SoundCloud, which allows people to in this little menu request a song from SoundCloud, so if I do just a biggie from my cousin, this is my cousin on SoundCloud, and I request one of the songs, it will play in a queue on his recent on his music player from stream labels, and it's linked to SoundCloud, I think so that people cannot request copyrighted music, and people can use their clips maybe on YouTube or use this to stream on YouTube, even though it's on Twitch, that makes no sense along with that, you can do polls and giveaways straight from the stream labels, right here at polls and giveaways, you can start them and stop them, and clear them all from your stream labels, so they added a lot of things twitch, and stream labels did a little collaboration here, and it's very awesome.

Now that is just what's on the outside, so I'm going to show you how to find it, so you go to your dashboard and go right over here to extensions manager, and in extensions banner they have a bunch of pre-made extensions, these are all the ones I've seen available, I don't know if you can add any more, it has a search bar, but if you scroll down, this is all of them, they have a bunch of different items, you can do life emote reactions, they have overlays, this is the Amazon box I showed you, I will go into the settings of the Amazon, what I have done here is you can add gear, and you search for the item on Amazon, you add it to the list, and it comes up as the box right over here, you do have to have Amazon Associates account, it will help you sign up for it, it is very easy, but that is just for one extension.

There's a leaderboard, so you can show who has donated the most bits this month all time or this week, they also have a session donation for bit, but I see that is not working at the moment, they have a lot of integrations for popular games, like destiny Hubb overwatch, and Hearthstone, and also League of Legends, and also birth of Binding of Isaac, and also rocket League, so I got a bunch of different game integrations, where you can have your stats in your panels live, I will activate right here, I'll activate my hub G stats right now, and then we will go to my channel right here, scroll down Meucci, and here are my live pub G stats, right now I only have one win, they're not very good, so don't really look at that, but as you can see I'm trying to deactivate that, as you can see there's a lot that could be done with this.

Hope this helped you out.

How to Use Twitch Extensions

How to Use Twitch Extensions

This is about how to use Twitch extensions, you can get basically interactive panels and overlays onto your twitch stream without using OBS, and a lot of people even big streamers do not know about this or are not implementing them right now.