How to Stream on Twitch on the Xbox One and How to Broadcast on the Xbox One Twitch

We're back for another recording - live streaming tutorial here today, and I'm going to teach you an updated tutorial on how to stream on using the Xbox one console directly off the council. If you did, in fact, miss any recording lives from controls that you'd like to check out, please click the link down below in description for the post or the card in the top. If we can go for 100 likes, that'd be fantastic to me with any mixer, YouTube or other twitch tutorials on this channel, make sure you go and click that playlist.

Firstly, you have to launch the twitch app, if you do not have the twitch app downloaded, you need to go to the store, and go to the app section, and you'll just look up twitch TV, once you have the twitch app download, you're going to launch a game summer, launch fortnight, for example, and we're going to go to the twitch app, so once we do in hecht, have the twitch app launched, and we have a supported game launched, it's going to give us a preview of the broadcast on the top right as well as the title, the title for the broadcast obviously you could set it to whatever you like, obviously I call it wins four days, the terrific trio, this is what I used to play on Twitch, I don't really stream on Twitch so much anymore, but here's where you could set your broadcast to tell, and the game will automatically be set, then you have your settings and you get you your hammer, where you can adjust

If you have the Kinect, obviously like I said in the beam our mixer video, you can move the camera on the top left, lower left top right or lower right, you can move the FaceCam to one of those four sections, and see the Kinect is the only thing, I believe you're able to use as a Facecam, which is kind of stinks, because I don't think the USB support, I know it's supported with mixer, but I do not believe it is supported with twitch, so you're going to have to get a Kinect plug in the back of the console, and then you can just put it up near your face, and adjust either the top right left or Cetera, depending on what game you're playing.

Once you have that the microphone, I believe the microphone can be your regular mic, but the Kinect obviously again can be used as a microphone if you want, and obviously you can set the microphone volume there, if you like the poor teacher, if you're in a party chat, you can broadcast approach as the same as you can on the PlayStation 4, you have to enable it or disable it, and obviously the same with in terms of mixer broadcasting, you have to go in the party, if one of you want to hear one of your friends, you will hear, they have to enable their voice from the party if they want to be able to be heard, they won't be able to be heard by you.

Once that's done, you have to set a broadcast quality, you can get a recommendation here based on your internet speed, in case you think the kilobits per second is too low obviously, if you've got a pretty decent or poor internet, I would recommend medium to low, if you got a pretty good to fast internet, I recommend medium to high, and if recommendation gives you something like really good, go with it, see how it works, if it doesn't work out, I'd lower it, if you're having like lag stutter freezing, that means you're too high, and if you're like I said your quality's too low, and you feel like you can go better, and it's not really lagging, I would go up a little bit, but basically I recommend getting recommendation, see how it works out, and then if the recommendation doesn't work, test out some other things and see what you can find, but like I said it's more of a testing thing with finding out what kilobytes per second works out, it's more of just like find out what's your top notch, and keep going through all the different things, and see what works out best for you.

In case you don't have a capture card to do this, because you have to do this, if you don't have a capture card and you want a stream to twitch off the council also, I said there is the language obviously, we have a bunch of language options, English, Dutch, Espanol, obviously few different language, you could set two different languages and then pretty much, that's it, it gives you a channel, your account username, you just have to literally link your account, if you wanted to do this off the console, you have to link your account, it's pretty easy, it'll give a pop up to link your Twitch account, he'll give you a verification code, and you'll have to go on your phone and then turn that verification code, as didn't believe on the twitch website, you can do this on the computer.

I'm pretty sure just enter the twitch verification code, it's going to pop up on your console, it's going to give you the verification code, you have to paste that, I don't own the exact twitch link, I think there's a twitch website, where you have to do this, I will link it obviously down below in description, you want to check it out, but once you do that, you should be enabled to Broadcasting's all your settings, and then once you click start broadcast, I believe you can in fact pop out your chat.

Let me double check here, we're going to start the broadcast, and once the broadcast starts, I believe you could pop it out, but it takes a while to start up, and once it starts up here, you got the broadcast settings, and you can change a lot of stuff up, and with the camera again and it will say you live here, and see it the bottom left overlay pops up, and I'll see you, I don't think you can enable the chat unfortunate like beam, but yes from the twitch app, it does work, and then how to end your broadcast, you're going to go back to the Twitch app, and you click stop broadcast, and then you're done, and then obviously want to broadcast again, you hit the broadcast button, some of my friends that has been the live stream on the Xbox one updated, this is more of an updated one, since like I said mixers, kind of put a little change, and twitch has been a little on the downgrade in terms of how the Xbox works, but hopefully you did enjoy, if you enjoyed this, and if you have any questions please leave them down below in the comment section, so I may answer them.

How to Use Twitch Extensions

How to Use Twitch Extensions

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